Dr. Joe Rizzo began his higher education in the field of architecture. After a severe motorcycle accident, Dr. Rizzo underwent a paradigm shift. That sparked in him the desire to not only help himself, but to help people like those he had met in the rehab clinics where he had been a patient. After completing his undergraduate studies in Visceral physiology, he began his studies at Life University in Marietta Georgia. From Life University, Dr. Rizzo completed a Doctorate in Chiropractic Science.

As a licensed practicing Chiropractor Dr. Rizzo went on to become Board Certified Pediatric Proficient and has extensive training in chiropractic neurology with cold laser applications.

Dr. Rizzo is not only driven by the need to help his patients but by the desire to be a great husband and father. His wife of twenty-one years, Heidi has been truly a partner and supporter. As a grounding force and comic relief he always turns to his four children: Zoe age 19, Josephine age 17, Jack age 13 years and Nicholas age 12 that keep things in their proper perspective.

Dr. Rizzo gradually introduces his new patients into Chiropractic care, taking into consideration their needs and concerns. Those with chronic painful disease process obtain a level of understanding and are given a clear, complete plan to achieve their health care goals. Along with traditional Chiropractic care, a series of other modalities including nutrition, percussion, cold laser therapy, massage, exercise and other cutting edge technologies are also offered.

When it comes to life Dr. Joe has a philosophy that


Sometimes this reminder is important. It encourages us to slow down so as not to miss the sunset or drive over the rose bush (yes, the very same one we are instructed to smell from time to time).